FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What format does this course come in? How do we get it?
A: Our "Let's Go and Make Disciples!" course is in an online digital files format. Once your purchase is successful through the PayPal payment system, you will be re-directed to our course files download page. The files are downloadable in Adobe's .PDF file format.

Q: Is this course denominational?
A: No, we designed this disciple training course to be biblical, but not denominational.

Q: does this course need a pastor to lead it?
A: Anyone with passion for making disciples can lead these disciple trainings. The class can also be group-lead. The leader guides make it super simple for anyone to lead these sessions.

Q: Do the suggested videos have regulations or rules for their use?
A: "Fair Use allows for limited amounts of copyrighted materials to be used for educational purposes and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (1998) limits Internet service providers from copyright infringement liability for simply transmitting information over the Internet. As a teacher accessing videos on YouTube, there are no copyright infringements if you follow YouTube TOS."
YouTube in the Classroom - Guiding Principles

Q: Why is the price for the course $29.99?
A: In justifying the price for our "Let's Go and Make Disciples!" course, two factors heavily influenced our decision. First, the amount of time (a full calendar year filled with many man-hours of production) it took to produce, simply and condense this course. Often, it is easier to create a full-sized, lengthy course of study then it is to reduce and condense a training study. Second, once the course is in your and your churches hands, you will be able to host many, many classes and small groups on making disciples from this one course. The possibilities for the number of people you will be able to touch through this one "Let's Go and Make Disciples!" course are endless.

Q: Why is this course only 4 lessons?
A: Let’s Go and Make Disciples! is designed to provide the needed information, drills, and actions in an enriched but condensed form. It driving purpose is to get members out of the classroom and into the mission field.