About Us

"About Us" is really about me. My name is Michael Sellers Sr. and I created the "Let's Go and Make Disciples" course after searching the internet for a small, quick course on making disciples and failing to find one. Our church members needed to get moving and reaching outward to make disciples of Jesus Christ. All of the courses and materials I found on the internet were six weeks or more of disciple training. There’s nothing wrong with long sessions, but like I said, we needed to get moving now.

As a child (as young as I can remember), I attended the local Presbyterian church with my parents. My father was a high school and Sunday school teacher. He and my mother taught our senior high Sunday school class together. When I married my wonderful wife, we switched to the local United Methodist Church. We raised our four children in the church. I began teaching middle school and high school Sunday classes over 25 years ago and I continue today.

As a hobby, I also create my own Sunday school lessons because I sensed many times that the standard curriculum just wasn't engaging the modern students. Being a computer professional, I incorporated digital media into my lessons and made learning about Jesus Christ and the Bible fun for all my students.

I've also been a youth sports coach for the past 30 years in the sports of: volleyball, football, basketball and baseball. The combination of coaching and teaching has sharpened many skills and characteristics within me that assist in creating lesson materials and teaching/coaching classes in my church.

What are my beliefs? I would say that the Apostles' Creed best describes what I believe in.

I originally did not have an "About Us" page on this website. I wanted to remain anonymous and in-the-background. But, early on a visitor to my site suggested that I present my background and core beliefs to support my course. And so I have. Thank you for considering my course "Let's Go and Make Disciples!"